Friday, July 11, 2008

How many friends on Orkut?

When I first joined Orkut, it amazed me and I was as gullible as any new Social Networking user. List of friends, communities, photos, wow wow...

But as with everything, as time passed, I have realised that it is just a tool that hurts my ego!

I have 44 'friends' in orkut. And zero scraps. This has been the status for...well a week now!
Why do people 'add' you as a friend if all they want to do is sit smugly and never even say a 'hi' ?

Should I go ahead and delete those from whom I haven't heard in like... 2 years? That would bring down the friends count by 30 or so! Out of the 14 odd people that will remain, 10 of them are... err.. relatives. i.,e people with whom I talk on G-talk, or phone. If I delete them as well, I maybe left with 2 or 3 real 'friends'. Hm. No, I will let them be. My heart aches to think I have only 3 pals out of 44! 14/44 doesn't sound as bad..but I still fail :-(

I was about to end the post on that sad note, but then I realised that I am much better off compared to others who boast of 476 friends! Wow. Is that even possible? I don't even 'know' 476 people in my entire life thus far! Who are they kidding?

But the even more compelling reason for me to be glad I found orkut is - I was able to find my long last school girl friend... after nearly 10 years.... and our conversation started just from where it ended then.

So, I pass :-)