Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I Quit

Once again a short quick post after months...

I quit my job and yesterday was my last working day. Submitted the laptop, badge and other items in office and said goodbye. It was a little emotional...I spent almost 6 years in the company...it has been very kind to me, adjusting to my every demand, allowing me to work from home, take leave of absence, flex time and what not...but unfortunately I just couldn't continue. Managing home, toddler and extended family takes up almost all of my time. Spending around 2 hrs on official work, that actually requires 9 hours - was making me feel terribly guilty. More than the physical exertion, I think the mental pressure and guilt was driving me nuts. So, instead of cribbing and whining all day, I decided to take a break. Let us see where how this phase of my life goes. A full time home maker :-)

And there is a new addition to the gadgets around. Since I had to return the office laptop, we decided to buy one for personal use.

This is my first post from an iMAC :-) Still getting used to the Apple world :-)

I will try to do a post on Baby S sometime this week. Hope to get back to blogging a little more regularly. Let us see.