Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Am fine.. well, almost.

Thanks VJ for inquiring... please read the below rant if you are really interested :-)

The last few weeks have been extremely hectic.

Actually, we live right next to my parents and ever since we came to Madras, I haven't really cooked much. Breakfast, lunch and dinner was handled by Mom. Now, my parents have to gone to visit my sister.

So, all of a sudden I have to cook, clean and manage both the houses (both ours and parents'). Combined with some really heavy duty work at office front, my body protested!

I have been having a bad knee ache for some time now and since it worsened, I finally decided to go and seek some treatment. I visited the Kerala Ayurveda clinic for a 5 day session and everyday, for about 45 minutes I took a Abhyangam (complete oil massage) followed by a 'Elakizhi' treatment. It was good on the whole and I do feel quite rejuvenated now.

But unfortunately my father-in-law met with an accident and fractured his leg. A van knocked him off right on the Kathipara flyover! Thank god he escaped with a fractured leg and not anything more serious. Nevertheless, he has to take complete rest for a month and the doctor being closer to our place, we brought him over to our house to take care.

So, the treatment, office work, the house-keeping, cooking and taking care of F-I-L took all the time I had and more.

Now, I don't have a maid to clean the house. And realized that 3 adult males (C, my brother and F-I-L) can create quite a mess in the house! The floors are dirty, the shelves are dusty, laundry bag piling up and washed clothes dumped on chairs to be folded, vessels to be washed, plants to be watered, scores of guests and visitors to be attended and some more.... well, I lost it and was so exhausted and drained that I sat and cried piteously on 2 nights!

I don't know what point am trying to prove anyone by doing it all by myself! I feel like an idiot to have strained my body this much. I really am going to look out for a 'good' maid who can help me out starting next month. 'Good' being the keyword. Let us see how it goes.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Taking Off the Blog!

I am planning to delete this blog. It was nice while it lasted. Came across a set of nice people and met a few of them as well.

But I don't know if I can keep updating this regularly... work has increased tremendously both at office and at home and keeping the blog live is just passing down the priority list.

So, thank you all for those who read these posts and special thanks for those who commented.

So, with that I bid you all good bye!

Ok! Gotcha :-)

Years ago when I was in school, I remember my friends and myself planning a trick secretly to catch teachers and other fellow students unawares on the 1st of April. It used to be such fun... even though the tricks used were pretty simple and plain, watching the reaction of the victim was extremely funny! Most of our teachers were a cool lot and enjoyed the fun along with us... few of them were a brooding lot and didn't quite appreciate our efforts ;-)

One day, someone placed one of those rubber lizards in a really tattered duster... it looked really creepy, I must say. Our Mathematics teacher came in and just as he picked up the duster unsuspectingly, he saw the 'lizard' peeping out! He gave a sharp quick cry and threw it across the floor! He was kind of furious and our not-so-silent giggles infuriated him further!

I remember how a friend's father always played the same trick on us kids... put his hands inside our bags and say 'Look a spider!!' and just pull out a thread or nothing at all! It used to be the same thing every year but still the playfulness remained intact.

Do you remember the time when Pranoy Roy did an entire new piece on 'The World this Week' about a miracle drug that made a man grow gigantically and another one a dwarf? I am not very sure about the contents.. but it was all played out neatly and slipped in as just another scientific breakthrough news - and it was not until he signed off wishing the viewers of the science news a happy April Fool's Day that we realized how cleverly they duped us!

Is this tradition on still? Do children fool each other in school? Do you guys still play pranks on your friends or folks at home on the 1st of April?