Monday, May 11, 2009

Beach - Chennai's Boon

Life has been busy and hectic and all that... this weekend was no different. Also, since I have been working from home for some time now, I really don't get to see the outside world at all! Combined with few other thoughts, I was feeling so depressed on sunday evening. I was sitting and chopping some veggie for dinner and tears started welling up my eye...

C, who was strumming his guitar saw me and probably thought 'enough is enough' and asked me to just get ready. An impromptu decision was made and off we went to the beach.

Unfortunately some 100,000 others had made that decision :-) The beach was swarming with people of all ages and sizes. Nevertheless, we managed to find a parking space and quietly walked over to the sand... the breeze was blowing over and it was appreciably cooler.. not the usual sticky feeling, but a really pleasant weather. It was just soo calming.

I did two things that I have never done before in a beach. One - Ate pieces of raw mango smeared with salt & chilli powder. Two - Ate a big paper cone full of 'Kadalai Sundal' :-))

In all my years of existence, I had never tasted the beach 'sundal'. And yesterday, when C asked me if I wanted it, I just decided to give it a try! I think he was amused that I had never eaten it.. he seems to be a veteran of beach snacks. He spotted the right shops, the right food, the right everything :-)

The steamed kadalai-pori mix with a little bit of cucumber, tomato, lot of coriander and a little bit of lemon juice for that added tangy feel - Mmmm.... it was just awesome.

Within a span of 20 minutes that we stayed there, we ate Mangoes, Roasted Corn and the kadalai-pori mix :-))

Walked all the way across the sand to watch the waves. And since it was very dark we had to remain kind of cautious...just looking to our sides and behind...

That is one of the reasons I prefer going to the beach in the mornings... just a few people going on their morning walks or kids playing beach cricket/tennicoit and the like...very relaxed atmosphere. But then the snack stalls don't operate that early ;-)

We then returned home via a slightly longish route..just riding through those nice well lit roads ... C showing me around the Santhome Church area, Mylapore, Luz Corner and few other places...

Got to see 'Rex Fashions'. Years ago, I had heard it innumerable times on Radio.. it always ended with 'Rex Fashion, Luz Corner Mylapore'.

It was such a welcome break and a much needed one for me. I felt so energized and thinking about my adventure with beach food.. I had a goofy grin for a long time.

And C, thank you - for forsaking your superbike and F1 races. You may not be very demonstrative with your affection, but I know these little things are what that show how we care about each other deeply.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hap Hap Happy Birthday....

Folks, it is my birthday today :-)

I feel kind of weird to announce it on the blog but then I am sooo touched by my dearest C's gestures that I want to acknowledge it here and cherish it for a long long time.

Last evening C took me out to a nice boutique in Chetpet and got me some fabulous clothes. Lots of casual wear, summer wear types. Then we headed to Shri Mithai for a light dinner of various Chaat items.

And at mid night as I was slowloy drifting to sleep... he pulled out a nice Harmonica!! I had been eyeing that in the music store for some time... I was soo happy... he even played the Birthday song for me on it...

This morning, I received a call from Udavum Karangal and they wished me too :-) C had arranged lunch for 100 kids...needless to say, I was really touched.

And just now, I received a bouquet of the most beautiful roses! From Ferns & Petals. Light pink and darker ones.. a dozen roses in all, neatly tied with a bow and a card attached to it... oh C! you have bowled me over :-)

I don't have to say it.. but still.. thank you sooo much for everything.

I love you. You are simply the best :-))))))