Monday, March 30, 2009

(M) ADvertisements

I've been wanting to write on so many things. Nothing of great importance. Such posts are beyond me. The few readers of this blog can vouch for that.. What I wanted to write was on some of the advertisements that I came across on TV and the newspaper, that really were amusing and annoying.

There is this ad for a shampoo and the tag line goes something like 'Contains Active Pro-K'! OK, now, what is Pro-K? Maybe I am a bad example for consumer behaviour because I pretty much stick to the standard, tested routine brands. But do people really go - "Oh look! this has Pro-K and guess what it is Active too!!" Whatever!

And there is this one for a soap. The lady asks her kid to buy a soap. The girl happily runs off to get one. The lady realizes she didn't mention the soap's name and gets very hyper thinking of grave situations her daughter will face if she buys a different one! She runs after her daughter, goes to the shop - all the while imagining her kid will grow up to a pimply faced teenager! And finally, she returns home to see the kid having a nice bath with the 'Correct' soap. I just find this whole sequence so annoying. If the kid is wise enough to handle money, go alone to the right shop, isn't it a little stupid on the lady's part to assume the kid will buy some trash of a soap? I think children today are way more mature and cleverer than that. And couldn't that woman check with the shopkeeper on what soap he sold? Whatever!!

And another one (I guess a shampoo or hair oil?) - A lady takes her daughter to a cricket training facility and the coach looks at the kids's hair and says 'won't her hair get spoilt!' or something to that effect. Is he even a real coach? I personally, have never met a coach who laid importance on such trivial aspects. I don't even know what the rest of the ad says.. I lost it after that one line.

And the best of all is what I saw in the newspaper a few days back - Courtyard Marriott is offering a soothing spa treatment called 'Coconut Caress Massage' that uses a blend of cane sugar, grated coconut and sweet cardamom and plantain wrap!! I really burst out laughing reading that! I could use all that make some nice mouth watering Burfi!!

Initially it was only 'Kadalai Maavu' (Besan) and cream of milk or rose water, lemon extract that was used. Now it seems, I can empty my entire kitchen shelf save the chilli powder and just wallow in it for spa treatment and such like!

Oh my god! grated coconut and sweet cardamom.. I still can't get over it!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Simple Pleasures of Life

It was past 10 in the night. I heard a sound... the front gate almost crashed open. I heard the bike vroom in. C had come home.

I went out to generally wave at him when he came rushing from his bike. He held a small plastic bag in his hand...I had no clue what it was. "Fast! Fast!!", he said. "What is it??" - He had two grape flavoured ice sticks from Arun :-D

I quickly went and put in two plates and he didn't even bother to remove his shoes... both of us were happily licking it and seeing whose lips had turned more pink!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Bloggers' Park!

Venue: Cafe Coffee Day, Adyar
Day/Time: Saturday, 4.30 PM
Occasion: Blogger's Meet

When Art informed of a blogger's meet last week, I was a little apprehensive. I so wanted to meet them all and see the faces behind the words that I read so religiously almost everyday. But there was this little something that was bothering me... I jokingly told C that it was 'Stranger Anxiety'. But then, he asked me to just go ahead and have fun. He seemed even more excited and was scouring google maps for the exact location!

So on Saturday, after moping around a bit, I finally decided to get ready. And I am glad I went. Met some really cool and fun people along with super cute kids :-)

Artnavy - She has this very pleasing air about her that I fell at ease immediately. Anush is just as sweet in person as she is in the photos. And thanks again Art for inviting me.

Itchy - It was good to see the face behind Mamma of Twins. She didn't bring along Ojas & Tejas though... I would have loved to see them.

CrazyMum - Couldn't talk much to her but I was stumped to see that she is the mother of 2 very sweet kids. Unbelievable.

Kodi's Mom - Again, if not for her blog, no one will really guess that she has 2 kids. Very 'just out of college' looking.

Lavs - She is so easy to get along with. And has a very infectious smile. Her kid is just a replica of his dad! She thought I looked familiar... let me know Lavs if you figure out where we could have met.

Timepass - The mystery queen! LOL! She and Art had planned to surprise the rest of us but Anush was very determined to make friends with Punch and the Surprise Aunty.
Punch is one very adorable baby. With large expressive eyes, she was just observing everyone with such interest. It is hard to believe it was she who punched the doll that was gifted to her.

For photos, go here

Finally, I was stunned to see all the kids so well behaved. It was all we adults making the ruckus!

Monday, March 9, 2009

I, Me, Myself

Just when I was mulling over the idea of writing a 'Weekend Musings' post, I saw that VJ had tagged me!

The Rules are:
Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to link the person who tagged you.

OK - first an award from Art and now a tag from VJ. It sure feels like being a part of the real blog world now :-)

But I don't know if there are 25 things to write about myself... let me make a start and see how far it goes...

1. Am a Taurean. When I read the characteristics of a Taurean, I was amazed to see how well I fit into it.

2. I am a lefty. I write and do most of the everyday activities with my left hand but I eat with my right hand. I say that because I have had many people (in school, college) come up to me and ask if I eat with my left! (rolling my eyes)

3. Am reasonably tall. Am not a 6 footer or something, but a nice bit over the average height. I think am secretly happy about it because am not very fair (as in white skinned) and so having my height kind of gives me confidence!

4. I like to dance. Or rather choreograph. I get amazing moves in my mind for certain songs and I visualize myself dancing with such grace and rhythm :-) But the irony is I have NEVER learned it or danced in a party or whatever. It is just something I do in my mind (and sometimes along with C at home)

5. I am quite lazy. I need to be prodded to complete a task. But sometimes I get a spurt of energy and get things done like a whirlwind! (this weekend, a case in point)

6. I have quite strong likes and dislikes. If I don't like something, I detest 'it' completely. 'It' can be food, person, clothes... anything. At the same time, if I love something, then I do it wholeheartedly. Almost like a puppy... no matter even if you push me away, I will come right back to you happily.

7. I have this fetish of having pillows, bed covers and bed sheets in a certain way. Like the label of my bed sheet should be on the lower left corner. - So you are beginning to think am a nut case...

8. When am alone, cooking or folding clothes or doing one of those random chores, I sometimes talk to myself (not aloud but I have some silent conversation with either myself or with C!) - OK, even if you gave me the benefit of doubt on the last point, you are now branding me a freak!

9. Whenever I get a new dress, I wear it immediately and keep wearing it many times over the week. But I am not interested in make-up. I think I look pretty and beautiful the way I am. (go ahead, laugh all you want.)

10. I also consider myself very intelligent(!) If I set myself to a task, I do it exceptionally well. I work very fast too. But I am not very career oriented. I many times feel like quitting work and sitting at home. I have this almost arrogant belief that I can get a job whenever I want.

11. I have quite some characteristics of OCD. I almost break the door knob checking and re-checking if it is locked, wash my hands after touching anything I deem dirty - like the kitchen towel or the tip of the perfectly clean trash cover. (I have decided to make a fool of myself - this is fun!)

12. I sometimes get stuck on a song that I hear somewhere and it goes on loop continuously for days together. I sing, record it on the sound recorder (the one available on most computers), listen to my own voice (mostly destroying the song) and delete the file!

13. I can touch my nose with my tongue.

14. In spite of the long tongue, I strictly don't like to gossip (about relatives or people known to us very well) but I do indulge occasionally in gabfest about film actors, politicians etc.

15. I was an athlete in school. An erstwhile football player. I was really good at it. I love (almost all) sports. But now, I mostly watch it and hardly play. C & I occasionally play badminton (so that I don't let him go and play it with his friends - in spite of my real good motive for him to have some exercise) - Am sure VJ can empathize here.

16. I have just 1 or 2 very close friends. Had many friends during school/college days, but most of them are now acquaintances. Right now, apart from C, I have one very dear friend.

17. And as VJ wrote in her list, we (C & I) too listen to Crazy Mohan's and SV.Sekar's plays every night... it is good to go to sleep smiling. And we know almost all the dialogues by heart and keep using it now and then in our conversation.

18. My list reads almost like that 'list your quirkiness' tag that did the rounds long back... Let me remedy it. C & I had a love marriage. C was my senior in college.

19. I used to write poetry. Actually C used to write them as well and that is how we met and started to know each other in college. And if it is not obvious from my posts, I love C very much. :-) Almost all my posts have a reference to him.

20. I like to travel and see new places. It could be anything... need not be anything exotic. Even a simple visit to the beach invigorates and awakens the poet in me.

21. I think am quite a conscientious person. I would like to devote more time towards certain socially helpful causes.

22. Am also a very short tempered person. I get inflamed very easily.

23. Am a silly romantic at heart. I love surprises and flowers.

24. Even though I try hard not to be judgemental, when I see people belonging to different faith or upbringing I tend to form an opinion in my head (not always negative, but just that it plays a part in the way I perceive them). That being said, I am really incapable of identifying people correctly.

25. Phew! Finally, I love the Grape flavoured ice stick (mostly available only from Arun Ice cream) and since there is one sitting in the fridge am going to lick it to my heart's content and see how purple my tongue and lips are! What joy :-)

I can't tag 25 people. I just tag Timepass., I think it will be good to know some 25 random things about her.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Song So Mellifluous...

...not just for the ears but also for the soul.

Just happened to listen to a song on TV and since then it is on continuous loop on youtube!! Just close your eyes and listen to it... it just tugs your heart in such a way that it is simply divine!

Isai Kettal Puvi Asaindhaadum

And the lyrics: (some mistakes, but the best that I could find)

SMS kijiye MDW 57575 par...

... aur jeethiye 95,000 Ruppppeeees!! (read it as Rupppeees in a loud and shrill screaching tone!) Well, this is what we watched on TV last night for about 30 minutes. While channel surfing, we hit upon something called Play TV. The program that was running was called 'Bollywood Chakkar' and there was this girl who kept talking non-stop. But the amusing part was she kept repeating just some 10 lines over and over and over!! SMS kijiye, paisa jeethiye, actress kaun hai, paisa jeethiye, SMS kijiye, jaldi phone uttayen, SMS kijiye... you get the drift! Oh my god. We were just stunned to see this girl keep her tempo and energy and repeat these words super fast without a trace of ennui.

The game was to identify some actress in a grid...they just showed her eyes and people were to SMS to a number and wait for the channel to call them(so that you can guess your answer). The more the number of SMS you send, the better the chances of you getting a call from them. And there was a fine print running at the bottom of the screen... and it was... each SMS costs Rs.10!! Can you believe it? I guess the channel (and the telecom providers) wait till they rake in millions and then let one caller get a measly Rs.15,000 (it was 95K if you go on to win a box office, which never happened). - edited to add: 15K is not a paltry sum.. just that compared to the amount they actually earn, it is pittance.

C returned home from work late last night and we were having dinner when we stopped at this channel. He took one quick look at those eyes and said it was 'Katrina Kaif'. I thought it was Karishma Kapoor. And C was right. Yeah, C was right! Am still puffing and fuming!

I wondered whether he could identify if someone showed him a picture of my ear! He said, "no, an ear is difficult, I can't identify anyone with their ear.. but if someone showed me your eyes, I can guess it." Whatever! Hmph!

On a totally unrelated note, I just realized Mangaldeep agarbathis are manufactured by ITC. Does it absolve them of their profits earned through the main product?

Well, C quipped that whatever ITC does, the end product is smoke! Ha.