Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Some Psychos

Some of you readers may know that C got a brand new bike (Yamaha FZ)at the start of this year, for his office commute.

He loves it completely and takes so much care... so much that he even refuses to take me out on it to the beach or any such place fearing someone might scratch it or mis-handle it.

Last night he was wiping it clean before covering it and it was taking longer than the usual and I peeped out of the window to see what he was upto... he was looking a bit dazed and stunned! Someone had peeled off two stickers and a cute reflector light on the rear of the bike!! I rushed out and saw what had happened. I was feeling such intense rage at whoever did that unimaginable and unwarranted act! I was especially sad to see the reflector missing. It is such a cute little thing that reflects the brake light and is the highpoint of the bike's rear. I really loved the way it shone at night. The stickers too... they are on either side of the petrol tank and really stuck well.

So, someone meticulously sat there in the parking lot and peeled it off and must have used a pen-knife or something to gouge out the reflector. Who would do that? Why would they do that? Psychos for sure!!

Fortunately there are no visible scratch marks anywhere else. We enquired at the bike showroom and the stickers and reflector can be fixed. The stickers cost Rs.42 each and the reflector about Rs.15. If someone could afford that bike, will he be cheap enough to indulge in such transgression for something that costs so little? Surely it was not done for the money. It was just an act of a pervert mind. I literally cursed that whoever took it will really have a bad tummy ache and generally will suffer! I was immediately also scared that I thought of very harsh things :-( What to do? That is how my mind works.

Even though I annoy C by telling him that the bike is only so-so ;-) (come on, he never takes me for a ride on it!) I guess I felt really bad because he loves his bike and the look on his face was unbearable. He didn't seem angry.. just dejected.
Don't worry C. We will try to fix it over the weekend.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend Notes

Again, long time since I wrote anything in this space. Hope everyone is doing fine.

2 weeks before last we had the surprise baby shower for Art. It was the first surprise party I ever attended :-) It was good fun and of course great to meet some of the bloggers.

The next weekend we had lunch at Sigree (Hotel Aruna). The food was exceptional. I read rave reviews about their Daal Makhani and it was so true. It tasted just perfect. It is pricey but the portions are large. We actually ended up ordering for 3 people. So, asked them to pack the Daal and had it again in the evening. It still tasted yummy :-)

Last Saturday we went to the McDonalds that has opened in Anna Nagar. I think I was visiting that area after 15 years or so!

There was a long queue waiting at the entrance. It was crazy with so many people thronging the doors. We are really not Burger enthusiasts and my only junk food addiction is french fries. We just wanted to check it out for the experience. Seeing the crowd, I even suggested C to go in for a different restaurant. But, just then the doors opened and we managed to get in.

There is really nothing much to choose. We had the Veggie Meal Combo. It was decent enough. Nothing spectacular. But the people at the joint were more interesting. Elderly women, college-goers, family with kids, a group of four boys who definitely would not have been over 12 yrs! And one of the kids coolly pulled out a wad of notes from his pocket and went ahead ordering for his friends...

That got us started talking as to how things have changed... when we were kids we didn't really have this concept of pocket money. At least not in our families and not when we were 12 or 14. If we needed anything, we asked parents. It was only after I was in college that I carried money with me. That too a meager 5 or 10. Which used to last a week or two :-)

Anyway, after having a wholesome junk food dinner ;-) we walked over to the opposite side of the road to look at a huge 'electronics' shop.. they had some cool laptops, handycams, music systems on display. We enquired some and mentally noted the models/price to come home and check online.

We want to buy a good laptop for home use. So, the few regular readers of this blog, what laptop do you use and how do you find it? Or which laptop holds your fancy?
HP, Dell, Mac, Vaio?? Anything else?

Monday, July 6, 2009

History Created

With Roger Federer winning his 15th Grand Slam. 6th Wimbledon title. Regaining his No.1 ranking.

Just wanted to to write this down so that I remember it for a long time...

I guess this easily surpasses the epic final of last year which was so heartbreaking. Just the fact that it was a more classic serve, volley, chip n charge game which looks extremely beautiful on Grass.. compared to a slug fest from the baseline.

I think we are very fortunate to be born in this era to witness such immaculate play, grace, humility. This was definitely not one of Roger's smooth as silk performance, instead, it showed his courage, self-belief and his fighting spirit. Which is something we could all learn and use in our lives.