Monday, February 7, 2011

Update on Baby S

It has again been a while since I wrote on this space. Hope everyone is doing well.

To give an update on Baby S, on the 23rd of Jan, she had her mottai done.

The custom in the family is to do the mundan either before the baby is 1 yr old or wait till she is 3. But Baby S has (or had) quite some hair that was falling all over her face and she simply resisted any attempt to tie it. So we decided to go ahead with the tonsuring.

The day before the tonsuring, we managed to dress her up a little for the Krishnar Vesham :-)

On the 23rd, we reached Mailam around 10 and my poor baby cried piteously through the entire process and C who had to hold her felt helpless and was even angry with us for putting her and him through it. Anyway, she calmed down a bit after half an hour or so. And once we reached the temple she was back to her usual self and was all smiling. Seeing numerous other bald babies and kids probably cheered her up :-)

So, here she is after the mottai :-)