Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Updates on Baby S

Hello there, hope all you people are doing good. I just thought of doing a general update on Baby S.

She is becoming more and more naughty and playful. Previously it was very easy to distract her, but now she demands toys that we hide or remove from her. The reason being her 'toys' are not things that we approve like Plastic cover, newspaper, battery charger, camera, clothes (specifically the bottom part of any dress that accumulates the maximum dirt)!! Her own set of playthings are all neatly kept in a big bag and are not touched by her!

She loves to be cuddled and fondled.

She loves to remove her dad's specs and play with it.

Whenever C brings her near me, she has this most mischievous look on her face and gives a big grin before leaping to pull my hair :-))

She loves to bite my chin. She does that even in her sleep, when I am rocking her on my shoulder :-))

She loves listening to music. She also loves my singing to her. Her favorites are the A B C Song, Nila Kaigiradhu, Karpagavalli nin Por Padangal, If you are Happy and you know..., Aarumo Aaval and few more.

She listens to C playing guitar and more importantly blesses the guitar every time before he plays :-) She very cutely taps the guitar 2-3 times and then C is ready to play :-)

She also likes her thatha (grandfather) to sing Poonaikum Poonaikum Kalyanamam and Kalyana Samayal Saadham.

Overall she is a very happy baby (touch wood) and brings so much happiness to people around her.

Btw, there is a team outing planned in C's office in a resort near Mahabalipuram. We are tempted to take baby S along. But the thought of managing her in the car for close to 2 hours is making me very anxious. Because she gets very restless after 15 minutes or so and starts wriggling and moving about. Feeding her is also very difficult as she keeps twisting and turning :-)

So, here is a question to all the wise parents out there. How good is a car seat? Is it a good investment to make? Is it useful? Please do let me know so that we can come to a decision on it.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Navrathri

A very happy Navrathri to you. I hope everyone is having a very joyous and festive week.

Navrathri or Golu as we call it, is such a fun, colorful and social occasion. Constructing the steps, decorating them with festoons, arranging the dolls, creating a theme park, eating 'sundal', visiting houses and seeing their golu... it's all one action packed week.

For the last several years, we (i.e my parents) have been constructing the Padi (Steps) for Golu, using makeshift items like the dining table, other assorted side tables, heavy law books and even stacks of newspaper. It is a back breaking job but when finished it gives an immense satisfaction.

This year C & I bought them the slotted angle iron steps. Assembling them too took a lot of work, but it was relatively simpler. Having broken from the tradition of building steps, I was very skeptical on how these iron steps would look... but fortunately it still looks very conventional and nice.

We were invited to a lot of houses for Golu and on Sunday decided to visit them all. So long, we haven't taken Baby S out a lot... except for nearby temples. But on Sunday she had a outing for close to 4 hours. It must have felt like a world tour to her. She thoroughly enjoyed the new experience and looked at us as if asking 'Why didn't you guys take me out earlier ?' :-)

She also doesn't seem to be bothered much meeting new people. She was pretty happy whoever was carrying her and kept looking at all the lights and dolls with curiosity. She even charmed people with her baby talk and sounds :-)

When I went to bed close to midnight that day, I had such a happy feeling in my heart. I was so happy that I just could not sleep and kept smiling. I couldn't help thinking back on those many many days when I was crying and feeling miserable. I really have to be grateful for what has been given to me. C & I keep reminding ourselves that we have to become better persons so that we can give the best to Baby S.