Monday, June 15, 2009

What to Name it!

Hope everyone out there is having a good time.

It was too much of an effort to write a post after so many days and I could not rake my brain to come with a suitable title, hence What to Name it!

So, to get out of my writer's block (ok, don't scoff at my temerity to call myself a writer), I decided to just start writing. Many times, it just takes that, doesn't it? To get started. Let me see how far this goes.

As I was having lunch at home today, I looked at the (relatively) new bookshelf that we bought and it felt nice to see all our eclectic collection of books finally find a respectable place to rest.

The shelf holds only a fraction of the books we own. If we were to collect the books of all our immediate family members, (parents and siblings) it will constitute a wonderful library.

There are people with such varied qualification in my family. My dad is a lawyer. Mom a retired Science teacher. Brother got his degree in Accounting, Sister did her Masters (and Ph.D) in Physics/Materials Science, while I did my Engineering!

C's dad is a retired banker, his Mom a math teacher, Brother an engineer and C did his MBA!

So, you can imagine the number of books found in our family. It is a dream of mine to have a neat library stacking rows and rows of these books.. ranging from Accounting to Astro Physics and Hindu Law to Management Principles!

Thanks to C being a bibliophile, apart from the technical books, there is a vast collection of books on Indian Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Vedas and Upanishad, Logical Reasoning, Critical Thinking, Books on Bharathiyar Kavithaigal, Thirukural, Salvador Dali (!) and books by Kafka, O Henry and Jane Austen.. to name a few.

As I was reminiscing about these books, I got thinking on what we wanted to be and what we ended up doing...

For instance, C wanted to do a course in Literature, but ended up doing Engineering and MBA. I was more into Sports, loved Chemistry as a subject and teaching as a vocation, but again, obtained my Bachelor of Engg. degree and now work in the IT industry.

My sister wanted to get on to a job after her graduation, she never fantasized higher education, but she ended up doing her MS and Ph.D!

My B-I-L would give his all to join a certain well established bike company but is currently working in the software field!

It seems crazy to me when I think about this. But then, in spite of not doing what we wanted, we are all pretty HAPPY now. I like my work and so does C. Sister is an accomplished Dr. and B-i-l is settled on his job.

Perhaps, there will come a time when C can pursue his interest in Philosophy or Law and Bil can become a great technician in his dream company. But as of now, things are good. In the end, isn't that more important. To be happy and contended. And I am thankful for that.