Thursday, March 3, 2011

C and Baby S

One thing that I haven't mentioned in all my updates of Baby S is how she and her dad have this magical telepathy between them, that has left me dumbstruck on numerous occasions.

I think they had this going right from the time I was pregnant. Whenever C played the guitar, I could feel her move if dancing to his song :-)

And right from when she was like a month or so, whenever C said specific things (like 'who's the baby here', 'gundu papa yaaru?' (who is the fat baby?)), she used to give this cute smile :-)

And as far as I can remember, except for one single day, Baby S goes to sleep only after he comes home from office. Am really not exaggerating, but she does hAnd since C comes home quite late most of the days, you can imagine when Baby S sleeps!

Now, C left for Delhi on Tuesday morning. This is how the sleep time - wake time worked between C and Baby S.

Tue. Night - C calls at 9.15 to say goodnight. Baby S sleeps by 9.30
Wed. Morning - C wakes up at 9 and calls. Baby S wakes up by 9.15.
Wed. Night - C calls up at 10.30. Baby S sleeps by 11.
Thur. Morning - C is up at 7.30 for a training. Baby S wakes up at 7.45!!!

What is this thing going on between them??


VJ said...

its a beautiful daddy-girl thing !!
I know it well bcos I was a daddy's girl.

starry eyed said...

Awwww! Sweet!

Subhashree said...

Aww.. cute

My daughter is like that around her father. Sometimes cute, but not always :p