Wednesday, September 7, 2011


C's mother passed away on the 24th of August. We are all yet to come to terms with it.
She had high grade fever for a week which was dismissed as a viral. Unfortunately, she developed severe pneumonia on one lung which then spread to the second and after being in the ICU for 13 days (on ventilator support), she allegedly had a multi-organ failure on the 24th. She was 61.

We strongly suspect the hospital of medical negligence and are seeking counsel to take them to task. However, the damage is done and it is irreplaceable.

C is devastated. To see my husband in this state is heart-wrenching. What can I say to console him? What can I do to alleviate his mental agony?

I am in a way glad that, after almost 25 days, he has returned to work today. I hope it will provide him some distraction.

Note: If our legal course doesn't work out, I will publish the name of the hospital and the doctor on this blog and hope to spread some message out there... so that other unsuspecting people rethink before visiting that hospital.


VJ said...

I am so sorry DC !!
Hugs !

mnamma said...

Hugs DC.. Take good care of him.. I am so sorry..

Sri said...

Im so sorry to hear about ur FIL expired after battling i can understand ur hubby's state of mind..

Even in my FIL's case, the so called prestigious hospital was not very forthcoming on his exact medical state..the sad part was that my hubby was in the hospital at the time of FIL's death but couldnt be with him because of "strict visiting hours in CCU"