Thursday, March 29, 2012

Baby S turns 2

Dear Folks,

My baby turns two today!! It makes me wonder if I can still call her 'baby' :-) She is our little 'toofan' as I am calling her nowadays.

It is close to 2 Am now and I think I will make a 'bullet-point' type post.. Mostly mommmy-bragging so bear with me :-))

1. She talks a lot. Her vocabulary has exploded in the last 3-4 months. Some of the words that she uses are - Fire extinguisher, Escalator, Stethoscope, Smoke Detectors, All heavy motor vehicles like Diggers, Crane, Front loader etc etc (these are her favorite vehicles I guess)

2. She identifies about 8 to 10 different cars by their logos (Honda, Audi, BMW and the like)

3. She is very attached to the immediate family and loves to have them around. She whines and cries when her dad goes to office. It is a big task to distract her everyday when C has to leave...

4. She loves music and sings a lot of rhymes that are so cute to listen to. She also loves dancing to MJ's songs :-)

5. She loves reading books too... and her current obsession is to tell her stories about anything under the sun! The stories could be about our visit to the doctor or the temple or the zoo or the beach.. which as pretty much normal you would think. But she wants a story about amma's nose or just about the doctor's stethoscope!

6. She takes time to warm up to visitors. She does not cry, but then she doesn't speak to them as well. She mingles with older kids easily, but shuts up once the 'aunties' and 'uncles' talk to her. Hope she changes that and becomes more social.

7. We do not speak to her much in English at home and consequently her English vocabulary is limited. We are just trying to get her started on that slowly...

There are so many incidents that I want to write about (that I have probably written 10 times in my mind!) but I hardly get the time. One particular episode is fresh in my memory. A month back or so, we were playing in the park and it was past 7.30 or so. I had had a very tiring day with the usual laundry, cooking, cleaning chore. Baby S was busy playing on the slide...As she was playing, I was just talking to myself and said 'oh I am so hungry'. After a minute or so she came to me with a spoon and pretend-cup and said 'indha ma'. For a second, I didn't know what it meant and when I realized she was actually trying to feed me food, I was overwhelmed.I didn't even know she was listening to me. It was such an emotional moment for me.

Just another note before I wind up. Initially when I started reading blogs, I used to feel strange reading about mothers talking about kids and their emotional connection and things like that. I used to wonder if I would ever have a kid and feel these emotions. And now, when I experience these feelings, I truly understand what it is. And I have to thank God.

When I think about the pregnancy, the scare, the surgery and the bed rest - I really have to thank God. I have to thank my husband and My mother. Without them I would have completely lost it. And how can I forget her. Thank you Timepass. And of course I remember this. I know he is just around us everywhere... thank you, it was you who actually made me realize what motherhood is. Ok, before I get all emotional and choked up, thank you folks.

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VJ said...

Happy birthday baby !!!
I cant believe u are already 2. wow times does fly !